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This project is for the Ohio Department of Transportation in Ashtabula County.  The project size is $7.1 million and it is built on a 23-acre site.  PEDC is the Associate Architect.  The project is designed by the State Architect and PEDC administers the construction for the State Architect.  The pictures show a problem that developed during construction which was the misalignment of the structural steel with the masonry walls on the interior of the garage.  It had to be corrected to allow the construction to continue and install such equipment items as the crane.

Sometimes things don't line up.  One must know how to investigate and identify the problem prior to fixing the problem. 

The work can not move forward without the correct adjustments because it affects everything that must fit onto, hang from and operate within the space.

Equipment like cranes has a very low tolerance for errors in their erection and operation.