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This page contains project images and videos. 

This is an urban site in Cleveland, Ohio of a HUD backed project.  The services provided consist of reviewing the design documents and ensuring that the contractor and owner meet HUD standards for design and construction and the processing of any change orders.

This is an urban low income housing complex in Akron, Ohio. This townhouse unit exploded due to tenant activities. This is a HUD sponsored project and the firm monitored the corrective work to ensure that the costs were not included in the HUD package.

Note the structure consists of a combination of two different exterior wall structural systems. We observed to ensure that the details of the supervising architect were followed.

At the earliest stages of a a project, planning must occur for items that will come near the end of the project. Here workmen are depressing the concrete slab to receive plumbing equipment.
ODOT North Lima Outpost Facility